Brittany Bowe

Q&A with Brittany Bowe

What’s your family like? Mother and father have been in the education system for 30+ years. Mother is currently the Dean of Student Success …

Lindsey Vonn

Who is Lindsey Vonn?

Ski Beginnings Born Oct. 18, 1984 in St. Paul, Minn. as Lindsey Kildow. She started skiing at 2, with encouragement from her father, Alan Ki…

JR Celski

Q&A with J.R. Celski

What’s your family like? My father is from St. Paul, Minnesota and my mother is from Seattle, Washington. They met in high school in Federal…

IAHR: Sid Wesseldine

The Outreach Program for Soccer or “TOP Soccer” has a Hampton Roads chapter sharing the beautiful game with exceptional children.