Taking Back the Community: Hampton mom fighting for her murdered son

HAMPTON, Va. (WAVY) - Making a difference in the community is not an easy task, but one Hampton woman hopes she can do her part to stop crime in her neighborhood. She's doing it not just because it's needed, but because she needs to do it for her son, who lost his life to gun violence.

"You can be anywhere and get murdered," said Hampton’s Margaret Eaddy. “Losing a child is just unexplainable."

Eaddy has been in the same spot at Victoria Boulevard Library in Hampton almost everyday for the last two years -- and not by choice. Eaddy lost her son Jonathan Coles to gun violence in May 2014.

"I come here to put my thoughts together and just to reflect," Eaddy added. "The man who did this shot my son in the eye and it blew his brains out. He was dead instantly."

She's now on a mission to make sure no other mother or father feels that pain again.

Hampton mom takes up fight against gun violence

"You can go right outside and in five minutes find a gun,” Eaddy said. “That's ridiculous. It shouldn't be like that, you know. I'm totally concerned about whats going to happen next."

Eaddy has channeled her anger to pen and paper. She started a group called "Mothers of Murdered Sons and Daughters" and is developing a plan she thinks can help turn things around.

“It is to support the mothers who have been a victim," Eaddy added.

She has pages and pages of notes. There are suggestions to take to local lawmakers.

"You have to change the policy makers,” Eaddy said. “If they aren't doing what they are supposed to do, get them out and get people in there that is going to do something for us."

Recently, Eaddy and other parents from around the county protested gun violence in the Rotunda at the U.S. Capitol.  She ended up being arrested. She was hoping law makers would help solve this crime epidemic.

"If I have to go stand in front of the White House with a sign up there saying ‘enough is enough’ so be it," Eaddy added.

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