Special Report: Petitioning for a Pardon

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NORFOLK, Va. (WAVY) -- A Norfolk man who was originally sentenced to more than six life terms for his role in an armed robbery is making one last push for help from the governor.

Travion Blount was 15 when he and two older men robbed a Norfolk house party at gunpoint. Blount refused to take a plea deal.

Travion Blount (Family photo)
Travion Blount in 2015 (Family photo)

"Here you have a 15-year-old boy who took $75, two cell phones, and three joints, physically hurt no one, refused to take a plea, and was then sentenced to six consecutive life terms and 118 years. From the get-go, that makes no sense," defense attorney John Coggeshall said.

Three years ago, former Gov. Bob McDonnell reduced his original sentence to 40 years.

Blount, who is now 26, is asking Gov. Terry McAuliffe for a sentence similar to what his co-defendants received.

"If the guy who put the whole thing together got out over a year ago, why is Travion Blount, who was 15-years-old at the time, why is he still in the penitentiary? It doesn't make a whole lot of sense," Coggeshall said.

Last week, Coggeshall sent a packet to the governor with clips of national media coverage on the case and a stack of letters from supporters and family. Blount also wrote one.

In it, he writes, "I regret each day I tagged along and became part of a 10-20 minute incident that negatively affected the lives of others, as well as my own life and the lives of my entire family."

Blount has two young daughters and a fiancee, and says he has been taking GED classes and working on a masonry certification.

"I just want my son home. I'm begging Governor McAuliffe to release my son," said his mother, Angela.

Eleven years have passed since Blount entered prison. Coggeshall keeps at it, because you finish what you started, he said.

"It's wrong, and I got the case and I'm not going to sit there and just let him fritter his life away in the penitentiary for 40 years, for what he did. It's just not right."

The packet sent to the governor is a supplement to a petition Blount's attorney and family delivered two years ago. WAVY News has contacted the governor's office for comment.

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