30-year rape case continues in Accomack County

ACCOMACK COUNTY, Va. (WAVY) -- An Eastern Shore woman's wait to face the man she said raped her continues.

In 2015, Stacey Johnson spoke to 10 On Your Side about the more than 30 year rape charges against her stepfather. Accomack deputies arrested Khalil Muslimani shortly after Johnson came forward.

But since then court dates have come and gone with no trial.

10 years ago, Stacey Johnson couldn't sit down and to tell her story. The pain, she said, of years of sexual abuse caught up to her in 2008.

“For two weeks, I felt this heavy depression and I just... I wanted to die,” she said.

That's when she started collecting documents from her past. It forced her to relive her childhood. A childhood she said her stepfather, Khalil Muslimani, took from her.

At the age of four, she said the sexual abuse began.

"The plan of getting me pregnant was to produce a son to carry on his name,” she explained.

Johnson said he fathered four of her children. She has copies of the marriage license that he reportedly forged for the two of them before she turned 17.

Next to all of it is court paperwork from his trial in the 1990s, when he went to prison for sex abuse crimes against her and her sister. But, she never testified to what she said really happened. She carried that pain for 30 years.

‘Helter-skelter’ court appearance delays Accomack County rape trial

"Can a victim still come and tell what happened?” she asked.

Yes, she found out, a victim can.

In 2015, an Accomack County grand jury certified her charges against Muslimani. The same grand jury also charged Muslimani with sexual abuse charges against his niece. Those crimes he committed between 1998 and 2002 after he got out of prison.

“I hadn't seen her since she was a baby, but I knew about her being abused,” Johnson said.

The niece's case went to trial first. In November of 2015, a jury found him guilty of those crimes and recommended two life sentences. Then, the judge scheduled Muslimani to face Johnson's accusations in March 2016.

"It has been a circus,” she sighed.

At the March court date, things got out of hand. Muslimani fired his attorney. He filed his own motions and subpoenas. The judge said he derailed the trial to the point where it was “out of control.”

Three court dates scheduled in 2016 were all continued for different reasons.

Eventually, a judge decided not to try Johnson's case until a court sentenced him for crimes against his niece. However, two times in 2017, those sentencing dates came up and got continued by delays, mostly caused by Muslimani, according to Johnson.

"I find it hard to believe there isn't a way to make sure everything is being expedited accordingly to get this taken care of,” she said.

So Stacey Johnson is forced to wait.

“I need to be able to say, ‘You were wrong. It was not OK for you to do that to me,’" she said.

Stacey Johnson just doesn't know when that day will come.

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