10 On Your Side Investigates: Where is Kathleen Haley?

NEWPORT NEWS, Va. (WAVY) -- Five years ago a Newport News woman disappeared and her family is still wondering what happened to her. Kathleen Haley was 37 when she went missing.

"It's just unbelievable,” said Haley’s brother-in-law Jesus Roman. “It’s completely unbelievable."

At quiet apartment complex in quiet downtown Newport News, a mystery continues to ring loudly.

"I believe it was the second landing where her apartment was," Newport News Master Detective Bill Gordon said.

Not much has changed along West Avenue in the past five years. The same can be said for the case of a woman who vanished in September 2012.

"She was the sweetest person that you could ever meet," Jesus Roman added.

"We don't have any more information and it's been five years," Haley’s sister Diane Roman said.

And all the questions from Haley's family are still unsolved, too.

"I guess we want to know what happened,” Diane Roman askes. “I guess that's the million dollar question."

Haley lived by herself in a second floor Newport News apartment. She worked as a dancer at club along George Washington Highway in Portsmouth.

Family became concerned when they hadn't heard from her several days. Her car hadn't moved, so family went into the apartment to see what was going on.

"Pretty much as soon as you walked in it was very evident that there was something that was way off," Jesus Roman said.

Search warrants filed by police Sept. 10, 2013 outline what was and was not found in Haley's apartment.

Her purse and computer were gone. There was dried blood on the bedroom walls and on clothing, and sections of the carpet were missing.

Cleaning supplies and gloves were found everywhere -- as if somebody wiped down everywhere. Her mattress and box springs were leaned out against the dumpster outside, and it appeared there was blood on them as well.

The seat in her car was pushed all the way back, even though Haley only stand 4 feet 11 inches tall.

"It is just so weird,” Diane Roman added. “If you opened her door there is a neighbor's door across. There are people above and there are people below. Nobody saw or heard anything."

“It does get frustrating," Gordon said.

Gordon was assigned the case five years ago. It's one that continues to haunt him.

“It would mean a great deal to provide some answers and some closure to the family," Gordon added.

Police sketches of a man neighbors saw coming in and out of Kathleen Haley's apartment.

Police released sketches of a man who neighbors saw coming in and out of Haley’s apartment. Gordon believes someone out there knows who he is.

"The information that I need is building a time line where she was, where she worked, who she worked with and who she socialized with,” Gordon said. “That's the kind of information that I am asking the community to provide."

Over the years, police have obtained warrants to search Haley's cellphone, email addresses and Facebook page.

"The holidays come and go, kids birthdays and you think she should have been here for all this,” Jesus Roman added. “Labor Day comes, and it is that time year again and still nothing."

As of today, Kathleen Haley is considered missing. So where is she? Her family believes at this point she is no longer alive.

And if that's the case, the focus should be on the person who took her life.

“It is hard from me to believe that he has done this one time just out of the blue,” Jesus Roman said.  “I think he has done this before and probably will do it again.”

Gordon is asking for anyone with information to give the Crime Line a call at 1-888-LOCK-U-UP.

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