Blog: Northwest flow and storms

We have a unique, although not rare, weather pattern which is setting up for the next couple of days over the eastern U.S.

Andy Fox reports on tolls and tunnel traffic numbers

If you leave: Evacuation routes

  There are plenty of benefits to living by the water – in good weather. However, in the event of catastrophic conditions it is important to…


Blog: A chilly Monday morning

We had perfect weather for all of the outdoor events going on across Hampton Roads this weekend. Highs today were in the upper 60s and lower…

Huge waves pound the Virginia Beach Oceanfront during Hurricane Sandy. (Facebook/Marc Bianchini)

Hurricane season: Different storm types

What is a Tropical Depression? Just north of the equator during the late summer and early fall, tropical waves move from east to west. These…

shutterstock_hurricane home disaster kit

If you stay: Home disaster kit

HAMPTON ROADS, Va. (WAVY) – If you choose to stay home when a tropical system is approaching and/or after it hits, here are some helpful tip…

A tree falls on power lines on Michaelwood Drive in Virginia Beach, Va. during Hurricane Sandy in October 2012. (ReportIt/Jesse Keene)

Preparing for a power outage

Power outages are common when tropical systems hit. There are several steps you can take in advance to be ready for a major storm. If You Lo…

Huntington Park in Newport News, Va. during Hurricane Sandy (Facebook/Grant Perry)

Securing your boat during a hurricane

Securing A Boat Ashore Boats stored ashore are far more likely to be saved than boats stored in the water. For many boat owners and marinas,…

MIRLO BEACH - The Outer Banks community north of Rodanthe before you hit Highway 12 was destroyed just north of the beach. Nov. 1, 2 012. (WAVY/Andy Fox)

Storm surge and flooding

HAMPTON ROADS, Va. (WAVY) – Storm surge is a major problem associated with strong, tropical systems. Storm surge is a forced rise in the wat…


Blog: Update on rain chances

I felt I should do a quick update about rain chances for later today. The big system is in the Midwest. An area of low pressure there has ca…