Great Pumpkin Challenge

The inaugural Great Pumpkin Challenge, a competition between the cities of Norfolk and Portsmouth to celebrate Halloween.


Coats for Families

The Hampton Roads Show wants to help families stay warm with our Annual “Coats For Families” campaign.


Alice is this week’s Pet Pal

If you’d like to make Alice a part of your family get in touch with the folks at the Norfolk SPCA. Visit NorfolkSPCA.com.


Oktoberfest beef pot roast

Chef Bob Hirasawa from Farm Fresh is here making an amazing Oktoberfest Beef Pot Roast for us.


Aquatic therapy

Aquatic therapy is a special kind of physical therapy that can be used to treat many conditions from injuries to arthritis and back pain.


Learning social justice

Chesapeake Bay Academy students and teachers are approaching social justice.


Priority Pest Services

Joining us now is Devon Pilkington, general manager at Priority Pest Servs. and he’s talking rat and pest control.


Silent Reflux

A sore throat, chronic cough or even breathing difficulties might be a condition called “silent reflux.”