OneLife: The New Year is Now

Will McOrmond and Roland Tilar from OneLife Fitness say don’t wait for the calendar to tell you it’s time to take care of yourself!

Holiday Movie Chat

Get the scoop on holiday movie releases from Alicia Malone from Fandango.

In the Audience: Christmas at the Kroc

The Hampton Roads Kroc Center is holding a Christmas Party for the entire community Saturday and there’s still time for you to join the fun.

In the Kitchen: Happy Hour!

Chief Mixologist at Hilton Norfolk The Main, Josh Seaburg mixes up some festive drinks for New Year’s Eve, and the day after.

The Funny Bone: Ian Bagg

Comedian Ian Bagg stopped by to chat about his shows at the Virginia Beach Funny Bone

In the Kitchen: Stuffed Oysters

Chef Ian Robbins and sous-chef Josh Kelly create a delicious appetizer than you can find on their New Year’s Eve menu at Swan Terrace Grill.

Pet Pal: Ginger

This sweet girl is ready to learn all of your holiday traditions!

IAHR: Bobby Huntley

The man who directed, co-wrote and co-produced “La Vie Magnifique de Charlie” also calls Hampton Roads home.

A Village of Wonders!

Carrie Hill from Yankee Candle Village in dropped by to tell about this season’t hottest gift candle and everything else inside Williamsburg…

Financial Fitness Goals

Stephanie Bard from Bayport Credit Union says it’s the most wonderful time of the year for financial planning!