IAHR: Sibel Galindez

This week’s I am Hampton Roads has had plenty of time in the spotlight, and is once again being called to the stage.


IAHR: Will Lafferty

Meet the biggest New England Patriots fan in Hampton Roads.


IAHR: Nakia Madry-Smith

This week’s I Am Hampton Roads is a rock-scholar who is living her dream and inspiring others to do the same.


IAHR: Pete DiPietro

This self-described old dog decided to teach himself a new trick, and his talent for carving birds soon took flight.


IAHR: Dr. Rod Evans, PhD.

If you have set fitness goal for the New Year, Dr. Rod Evans says don’t forget about toning your grey matter, too!


IAHR: Francina Harrison

“Don’t get anxious, get prepared” took on a whole new meaning when Francina Harrison found out she had cancer.


IAHR: Isabella Orosco

This talented teen feels most like herself when she’s being someone else.


IAHR: Katherine Robinson

“Nurse Katherine” has helped countless new parents become confident caregivers.


IAHR: Dallas Stamper

PIN Ministry in Virginia Beach is helping the homeless population one individual at a time.


IAHR: Kecia Yeates

This local performer and teacher knows how to motivate young musicians.