Week 4: Technical aspects of reporting get clearer

WAVY's Jason Marks interviews a pizza shop employee with the help of photographer Rob Rizzo.

Week four began with a morning news meeting, followed by a journey out in the field with WAVY Anchor/Reporter Laura Caso. The story was about a local pre-teen who had collected donations for Children’s Hospital of the King’s Daughters (CHKD) in lieu of presents for many years, which had now reached a total of over $15,000 over twelve birthdays so far.

A talented WAVY photographer makes the most of limited video opportunities.

Laura was extremely helpful, offering me tips and strategies for interviewing kids, who are not always the easiest subjects. She stressed the importance of a conversational approach, rather than reading off of a set of notes, which might intimidate young interview subjects. I also observed Chris, a WAVY photographer, bring some flair to what was admittedly a video-deprived environment – a children’s hospital (privacy concerns prevented a walking interview or extensive video capture).

WAVY’s Jason Marks interviews a spokesman for the Newport News Police Department while Rob Rizzo films.

On Wednesday, I caught a ride with WAVY reporter Jason Marks and photographer Rob Rizzo. This story was on a series of robberies of pizza delivery drivers in Newport News, my hometown. I used to delivery pizzas in Newport News when I first started college, so that made it especially interesting. We drove around the city looking for pizza shop owners or drivers who might be willing to talk to us on camera, which I discovered was not the easiest task. People are naturally hesitant to discuss most crime stories on camera. Eventually, at our last stop, Jason found a local pizza shop manager to discuss the string of robberies. It turned out to be a really strong interview, and it made for a compelling story.

Jason urged me to go beyond just writing scripts for these stories, so on Friday night I came in and was able to get a great lesson on AVID from WAVY photographer Scott Blessing. I ended up with a finished package that night, and I was really pleased with the result. Week four ended with a much clearer vision of how to carry out the technical aspects of reporting on a daily basis.


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