Blog: Big Rise…Big Fall.

Temperature Trend

We are in store for some big rises and falls in the temperatures over the next few days.  We started off pretty chilly this morning, but we will warm up nicely today.  Then we’ll have an even bigger warmup by tomorrow. Here is the temperature trend:

Temperature Trend

Notice that we will have a big drop in temps between tomorrow and Thursday.  We’ll go from the mid 60s to near 40 degrees. Then we’ll warm up into the weekend.

Today we have high pressure nudging offshore.

Regional Weather Map

We are getting surface winds at 5-10mph out of the southwest.  We’ll have a great afternoon with highs in the mid 50s and fair skies.  By tomorrow the moisture will increase.  A weak cold front is actually forecast to move through the region later today.   It will drop to our south, stall out, and then rise back north as a warm front tomorrow.  An area of low pressure will form along the front.  Overall, the first half of tomorrow will be nice.  We’ll see a mix of sun and clouds with temps rising into the 50s.  There could be a stray shower as the front moves up from the south.  However, the bulk of the rain will move in during the afternoon with the cold front.

Future Trak (1pm Wednesday)

The rain will increase in coverage through the afternoon.  There may even be some isolated thunderstorms later in the day.

Future Trak (Wednesday Eve.)

The rain will continue into tomorrow night, but it should move out by early Thursday morning.  We’ll be cold and dry on Thursday during the day.  The wind will pick up out of the north. Highs will only be near 40 degrees.  Then we’ll have some warmer/nicer weather for Friday and Saturday.  (There may be an isolated shower or two on Saturday, but it’s a low chance).  We’ll have another warm day on Sunday, but of course, we’ll have rain moving in again.  That one is a much higher chance.

Meteorologist: Jeremy Wheeler

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