Blog: Mini Winter Heat Wave!

Forecast Temperatures (Tomorrow)

I think a looooot of folks are ready for some warming.  It has been nice over the last couple of days in the afternoons.  High temps have been in the 40s which is seasonable.  However, today and tomorrow we’ll have some stronger warming.  We started this morning with some unusual temperatures.  Some locations near the shore were near 50.  Meanwhile a couple of inland locations dropped to the low 30s.

Temps This Morning

This was likely due to the light southeast winds.  What’s unusual is that the water temperatures are in the 30s and 40s right now.  Maybe the water is a little warmer away from the buoys.  We will all have warming today.  There is a big area of high pressure to our east.

Regional Weather Map

This is allowing the winds to pump in out of the southeast.  They are 5-10mph this morning.  They will pick up to 8-12mph this afternoon.  The warming wind is also pulling in some moisture.  We have partly cloudy skies this morning, but we’ll go to mostly cloudy skies this afternoon.  There may be some spotty showers, but there is a better chance for rain out towards I-95.

Future Trak (This Afternoon)

Temperature will rise to the low 60s this afternoon in our region.  There will be a lot of warming throughout the entire Southeast.

Today’s Temperature Forecast

Look at the colder air up in the Midwest.  There is a sharp cutoff.  This colder air will move east, but it will still be far from here today.

While many of our local temps will be in the 60s, some locations near the shore will actually be cooler.  Temps there will probably be in the 50s.  That includes the majority of the Eastern Shore.  Either way we will all be warmer today.  Melting ice/snow will occur in full force.

I had a couple of thoughts about the recent snow/ice and how it has been tough to melt.  I’ll leave the plowing of the roads factor to the politicians.  However, I will say there are some meteorological effects that worked against us this year.  First off, many neighborhoods have a lot of trees and shady areas.  It’s been these shady areas that have taken longer to melt.  The sun is strong. But if it can’t directly hit the snow, then it isn’t effective. However, this is a problem with any snows that we get. One thing that is unique to this year is surface temps.  Before the snow came this time we had a long stretch of cold weather.  We had a lot of days with high temperatures in the 30s and lows in the teens and 20s from late December through early January.   So I think the ground was colder than it normally is before a big snow system comes through.  That may be one factor in why the melting has been slow this time.  Another factor that is common with all systems….When you drive over the snow it compacts it.  Many times snowy roads will transform into icy streets through the compaction, melting, and refreezing processes.  Many of the local streets had this happen this time.  It is especially true as the snow lingers longer.   Finally, during this last snow we had super cold air for a couple of days in a row.  We even broke record lows. I’m sure that also played a part. These are just a few of my thoughts about why it has taken so long to melt.

Most of whatever is left will melt today.  If it doesn’t then it will definitely melt tomorrow.  Tomorrow we’ll have a stronger south wind.  Temps will start off in the 50s in the morning.  We’ll rise to the low 70s during the afternoon.

Forecast Temperatures (Tomorrow)

Temps will be way above the average of 48.  The record high for tomorrow is 76 degrees set back in 1890.  We will have on and off rain showers tomorrow with lots of clouds. This will also aid in melting some of that snow and ice.

Future Trak (Midday Friday)

These features won’t be enough to stop the warming.  Again, it will be cooler near the shore.  Possibly even in the 50s on the Eastern Shore.  Stay tuned. Winds will be out of the south/southwest at 10-15mph.

The colder air comes back by Saturday.  A front in the morning will create scattered showers.  They should end by the midday or the afternoon hours.  High temps on Saturday will drop to the upper 40s.   We’ll keep dropping from there.  High temps will only be in the mid-upper 30s on Sunday.  We’ll be partly cloudy.  We’ll have the same weather on Monday.  An upper level disturbance could bring some flurries or sprinkles on Tuesday.  This should be no big deal.  High temps will be in the low 40s.  We’ll be back in the 30s on Thursday.

In National News….Many western states have had a tough few months.  For a while the west (especially California) had to deal with historic wildfires.  Then just the other day they had to deal with flooding and mudslides.  When a forest fire happens it strips the land of the vegetation.  That vegetation typically holds the soil together.  It can actually absorb some of the water as well as it falls.  After a big fire the rain can strip away the top layer of dirt.  Stripped mountainsides can turn into rivers of mud.  Here is an article with an update. Western mudslides.

Meteorologist: Jeremy Wheeler

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