Blog: Huge Temperature Swing This Weekend!

Regional Weather Map

Get ready for a Spring-like day just before the big holidays.  Highs will be in the 70s today, but we’ll be in the 40s by tomorrow afternoon.  Yikes!

Today there is a warm front to our north.  It is pushing up into the northeast states where colder air is struggling to hold its grip.  Meanwhile colder air is pushing into the central U.S.  A cold front was moving through the Tennessee River Valley this morning. It was cold enough for snow from northern Ohio down to southern Illinois.

Regional Weather Map

The big weather system will cause problems for travel from the Tennessee River Valley up into the Northeast states.

Travel Forecast

There will be snow over the central Rockies east to Nebraska.  A lot of the west coast states look fine for travel today. It will be cold and dry for a big portion of the country.  If you are traveling around our region today, we’ll have warm temps and some rain showers.

Regional Travel Today

There will be rain in the western parts of Virginia and North Carolina.  There will also be rain around the D.C. area into central/western Maryland.  Rain will eventually slide east. It will make it into central Virginia/North Carolina by the late afternoon.  The rain will hold off in Hampton Roads until the evening.

Future Trak (This Evening)

Before the rain arrives, we will have a nice day.  High temps will rise to the low 70s.  It will be cooler near the shore (60s).  Especially on the Eastern Shore as water temperatures on the Bay are in the 40s.  Winds will be out of the south/southwest at 10-20mph.  It will be breezy.  The big cold front will arrive late tonight.  We’ll only drop down to near 50 overnight.  By tomorrow morning we’ll have hit our high for the day (near 50).  Then we’ll be in the 40s from the late morning through the afternoon.  There will be a mix of sun and clouds with some scattered showers.  The models are split as to how much rain we will see.  Our Future Trak model dries things up except for an isolated shower.

Future Trak (Sunday Afternoon)

However, other models keep scattered showers in the region.  The cold front is going to be moving offshore, but a weak area of low pressure looks to form along the front.  Basically the models handle this differently.  So at this time I’m still calling for some scattered showers in the region, but far from a washout.  I put the chance for rain at 40%.

We should start clearing out by Sunday night.  Temps will drop to the 30s.  Then on Christmas day we’ll have dry/chilly conditions.  Highs will only be in the mid-upper 40s.  We’ll be cold and dry through Wednesday.  The new update for the 2nd half of the week is interesting.  The models push some moisture up from the south between Thursday and Friday.  A strong area of high pressure over the Great Lakes looks to keep cold air flowing south.  So the models are going back and forth between cold rain for our region and a rain/snow mix.  There is a lot of uncertainty in this part of the forecast.  However, there is confidence that the weather will be messy, and that could impact travel.  So stay tuned for updates as that feature gets closer.  We have some time.

Meteorologist: Jeremy Wheeler

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