Icing the Cake

You learn you live, and you grow as a student who is working to meet the qualifications in a very limited time. I have one more week until my time is up so why not create memories during the process. This week I figured out that I’ve learned how to do everything that put sweat under my armpits in the beginning. I’ve become a great floor producer, a fair, teleprompter operator, and I’ve gained great traits of an upcoming reporter.

This week was rewarding, as usual, I learned how to give my best even when I feel discouraged to give at all. Interning has made me appreciate my purpose because I feel as if I’m shaped to become something great. This weekend I did my final portion that will be the icing on the cake of my newsreel. I did a great news desk shoot with pointers from one of the best producers Craig and meteorologist Deitra Tate, who supported me through the end of news desk standup. Now I’ve done standups everywhere but the news desk puts the pressure on. The spotlight is on you and you have to come with the best that you have. I was grateful to see different portions of the station and venture out into multiple areas.

The highlight of my week was meeting Brian Hooks not only meeting him but he had me in his snap video. I was much honored to meet celebrities all while building a resume, skill, and desire.  As my final week approaches, I continue to strive and learn all I can to be all I can. I’m the same person who walked through the WAVY 10 doors in September but I leave with a different thought process. One thing I can say is that I’m very blessed to have had the opportunity and I look forward to displaying my skills in my next venture in life.

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