Wishing the Days Were Longer

My internship is coming to a close, faster than I realized. This week I focused on finishing my final project and wrapping up any other items on my checklist for the show. I had the opportunity to sit with a promotions editor as he worked on a promo for a news story.

He showed me exactly how he created this particular promo, from the original idea to the finished product. It was amazing to see just how much work goes into a 30 second promo for a news story. I learned that multiple people from multiple departments had a hand in creating the promo, and that it was important for everyone to be on the same page as far as the content is managed.

I learned a lot about editing while shadowing the promotions editor, and really enjoyed my experience. I think it would be a great experience to work with a promotions team, as I like marketing and creative outlets. It is also similar to my final project, which I modeled after a marketing pitch.

As I reflect back on my internship and the experiences I’ve had over the past few months, I find myself wishing the days were longer. I have loved this internship and learning everything that I can about the television industry. Everyone at the station has been so kind and welcoming to me, and some even feel like family. I will be sad to leave, but I will take everything I’ve learned with me to improve my future.

I think this internship has given me a better idea of what career path I want to take. I know I want to continue within the television industry, mainly through promotions or a creative content producer. I think that working with web-based content and social media would perfectly align with my career interests. I hope that I can stay connected to everyone at WAVY and utilize what I learned to the best of my ability.

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