Blog: Freezing Fog. Wintry Mix Next Weekend???

Visibility This Morning

First off…this morning we had cold temperatures and some fog.  It’s rare, but it does happen….Fog can freeze.  It happens more when the ground is very cold and the fog forms over that cold area.  This morning the air at the surface was near the freezing mark, but soil temperatures are probably in the 40s and 50s.

Temps This Morning

The fog was very thick in places, but it wasn’t too bad near the coast where it was milder.

Visibility This Morning

Other than the fog, we’ll see some nice weather today.  A big area of high pressure is in the region.  That has been very common lately in our local weather.

Regional Weather Map

So we’ll have lots of sunshine today.  Once the fog burns off, then we’ll quickly warm up.  High temps will rise to the upper 50s to around 60 degrees.

By tonight clouds and moisture will increase as the surface winds turn to out of the south. There could be some isolated rain showers after midnight.

Future Trak (Late Tonight)

Tomorrow we’ll have more moisture, more clouds, and some scattered showers in the region.

Future Trak (Tuesday Afternoon)

Winds will be stronger and out of the south.  This will help to warm up the temperatures.  I’ve got the high at 70 degrees.  Whether we hit the upper 60s or low 70s will depend on the amount of cloud cover.  It won’t rain the entire day, but there is a chance for some scattered showers at about any time of the day.  By the evening it looks like the rain will increase.

Future Trak (Tuesday Evening)

All of this weather will be happening ahead of a big cold front.  The front will finally arrive by Wednesday morning.  Note that the timing of the front has been later and later.  Rain will be likely on Wednesday.  It could even briefly be heavy.  This will be good though as we need rain in the region.  High temps will cool to the mid 50s Wednesday, but they will probably drop even more by the afternoon.  On Thursday high temps will be near 50 with partly sunny skies.  The colder air will really sink in on Friday.  High temps will only be in the mid-upper 40s.   Lows will be in the 30s Friday night, and then we’ll see highs in the 40s again on Saturday.  The thing is…the models have really changed the weather forecast for that time in the last 24 hours. Instead of the front streaming south with colder/drier weather behind it.  Now the models have it slowing down.  This could allow a surface low to form along the coast.   This would bring up some milder/more humid air from the south, but it would interact with some of the colder air inland.  The models have shown stuff like this recently… They would show a decent chance for rain a few days out for Saturday.  Then as it got closer, the forecast would dry up big time.  So there’s that.  Also, the models have shifted so much in the last 24 hours that that denotes a lot of uncertainty.   I will say though that the European model and the GFS do show at least some snow in the region mixing in with rain showers and sleet.  The surface temps in the metro would most likely be above freezing, but the inland temperatures would probably be around freezing.  This would be the case Friday morning and Friday evening.  There could be some wintry mix on Saturday as well.   The surface low would move far to the northeast, but there would be a big upper level low moving in overhead.  If there is enough moisture, then that could produce some flurries Saturday night.  That would depend on how much moisture can wrap in behind the surface low.  Don’t get too wrapped up into the details though.  All of this could change.  I’ll have a better idea of what to expect tomorrow.  I might show some of the models, but that will depend on what they are showing.  Stay tuned for updates.

Meteorologist: Jeremy Wheeler

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