Things Are Getting Reel

This week was an interesting week, and full of new experiences. I had the opportunity to shadow reporter Rico Bush, and to create a clip for my professional reel. I came into the station on Wednesday morning at 3 am, and joined up with Rico and camera operator LV to work on a small story happening at the Portsmouth courthouse later that morning. We were fortunate enough to only need to be outside of the station door, without needed to drive back to the station from a location.

Rico emailed me his script for the story so that I could see and understand what the story was, and so I could practice it myself. The bulk of the story was a voice over read, but there were still plenty of opportunities for a live shot. I watched Rico at the first hour he reported the story, trying to pay attention to how he holds himself in front of the camera and how he reads the story. I will admit that being in front of the camera by myself made me nervous, and I’m seriously glad that I didn’t have to give my report on live television for the first time.

So the biggest thing I learned from my morning shadowing Rico and trying out the story myself is that I needed to relax and just deliver the story, and to ground my stance so that I do not favor one side of my body. I’m incredibly grateful to have had that experience, as I’ve gotten a better understanding of what exactly being a reporter entails. From writing your own script to delivering it on live television, it takes a lot of work and confidence to be on live television.

This week we also taped our Hampton Roads Show Christmas Special that aired over Thanksgiving. It was a hectic afternoon, with multiple guests and the studio going under a complete overhaul as Shore Gallery redecorated. I had a lot of fun, taking pictures of each guest section for upcoming Facebook posts.

I think this week has been crazy enough for me, but I’m ready to tackle the next task on my to-do list and to learn even more from my internship.

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