And We’re Live in 3…2…1

This week we had a crazy schedule, as we would be going live with the Hampton Roads Show on Friday from the Mayflower Marathon! Monday and Wednesday were normal days for me, working on the show and preparing for the craziness that would be Friday morning. I have to admit, I was very excited to help field produce on such a large scale. My other field producing experiences were on a small scale and less frantic, so this would be a challenge.

So my first field producing experience had been on a trip to Hunt Club Farm back in October, as we were shooting a package about the activities on the farm as well as how to carve the perfect pumpkin. It was definitely a relaxed shoot, as everyone knew what kind of shots we were there to get and how much time went to each segment. Shooting a package is definitely different from a complete live show, as we don’t have to contain our shots to the segments of the show, but rather the segments of the package.

My second experience was during the set-up for the Bodacious Bazaar. We were able to go around the bazaar and see the vendors setting up their booths and talk to the director, as well as Santa Claus! I really enjoyed being able to help on the package shoots, as there was a little more creative liberty involved.

With the Mayflower Marathon shoot, we were able to see how much work goes into producing the show live, and I won’t lie it was stressful. However, it was a lot of fun to run around and meet all the guests and see everyone donating to the cause. I really enjoyed getting to see all of the work that goes into a live broadcast.

It was a long morning, but it was a great learning opportunity and I’m glad that I was able to go. I learned that I might not want to be a producer, as I am unsure I would be able to handle the stress. But I am grateful for the experience, as I learned a lot about event planning and management.

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