BLOG: Thankful For Quiet Weather

Of course, there is a lot to be thankful for throughout the year, but at least for today, I’m thankful for quiet weather conditions!

It won’t be as mild as it was on Wednesday, but it’ll still be a nice, dry Thanksgiving Day with highs closer to 50° – about 10° cooler than it was yesterday.

May your turkey be far from dry though..  With high pressure in control, we will be tracking a mix of high and mid level clouds..not a single raindrop in sight!

Can’t blame the weather for any slow downs if you are traveling today – it’ll be bright from Washington D.C all the way to Wilmington, NC.

Once you’re done sleeping off that big meal and getting ready for those doorbuster deals, make sure you’re wearing a warm jacket tonight.  With mainly clear skies, temperatures will drop into the low-30s by tomorrow morning..upper-20s possible farther inland.  Hopefully, the weather will keep shoppers in good spirits..

It’ll be a touch milder tomorrow with highs in the mid-50s.

Saturday will be even warmer with temperatures topping out in the mid-60s!  Not a bad start to the weekend!

Another cold front will swing through Saturday night and that could spark some isolated showers.  That’ll actually be the only chance we have for showers over the next seven days.  You can see behind that frontal boundary, it’ll be cooler on Sunday with highs in the mid-50s.  We’ll stay on this kiddie roller coaster over the next week, but overall, the mercury will hold in the 50s and 60s – no major temperature swings.

I hope you, your friends, and fam have a happy, healthy, Thanksgiving!
-Meteorologist Ashley Baylor

By the way, thought I’d share this picture – my parents took this last year on Thanksgiving.

When you ask for a fresh turkey and here it is sashaying through the front yard:


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