Blog: Up And Down Temps Ahead!

Regional Weather Map

We started off the day with some sun shining through some clouds. It was a pretty picture on tower cam 10.

Tower Cam 10

A cool front has moved well offshore.  A huge area of high pressure is building in from the west.

Regional Weather Map

The high pressure will give us more sunshine today, but there will also be a persistent northerly breeze.  It will run at 10-15mph.  This will keep the temps down a bit this afternoon despite more sunshine than yesterday. High temps will be in the low-mid 50s with some upper 50s possible inland.  Tomorrow the wind won’t be as strong.   So high temps will rise to the upper 50s.  We’ll have a mix of sun and clouds.  A stray shower could come in off of the ocean, but the chance is 10% or less for rain.

We’ll warm up even more on Thursday.  Highs will rise to the mid-upper 60s.  Skies will be partly cloudy. Then a cold front will move through Thursday night into Friday morning.  No rain is expected at this time with that front.  High temps will drop to the mid 50s Friday.  Then….Temps will rise to the upper 60s on Saturday.  A cold front will move in from the west, but the timing of the front is slowing down.  Therefore the timing of the rain is also slowing down.  If the rain holds off until the evening, then we may hit 70 degrees Saturday afternoon.  Either way we will definitely cool down on Sunday.  After some showers in the morning, we’ll dry out in the afternoon.  High temps will drop to the low-mid 50s.   Some models hint at a little moisture Sunday evening with very cold air in the upper levels.  I wouldn’t rule out a few flurries (near) the region.  Possibly just north of here.  Could they drop as far south as the Eastern Shore?  Possibly.  But surface temperatures would be above freezing at the time.  So anything that would try to fall would melt anyway.  For now I think we’ll just see an increase in clouds, but stay tuned for updates.

There is still a tropical disturbance in the eastern Atlantic.  The National Hurricane Center says that it has a medium chance at becoming a subtropical storm over the next couple of days.  If it does, then it could impact the Azores islands.  However, it is no threat to North America.

Finally, a new polar orbiting satellite was supposed to launch today.  However, the NASA/NOAA JPSS-1 satellite launch has been delayed. This satellite is a very high resolution satellite.  It is called a polar orbiting satellite because it revolves (longitudinally) around the earth and moves over both the north and south poles. When it goes up, it will help with weather observations as well as future forecasting.  Here’s a link with more information. JPSS-1 satellite.

Meteorologist: Jeremy Wheeler

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