Real to Reel

Real to Reel is a quick overview of how I’ve learned to be real while building my reel. Versatility and enthusiasm have been a primary factor while creating my reels this week. I’ve tackled new ways to give all of my energy to build a real creative reel.

This week has been very busy and filled with fun at the same time. I had the pleasure of doing Field Producing at Longs Jewelers in Virginia Beach. It is so interesting to me to get out of the station and be hands on. When I’m out in the field with the WAVY team I get to learn from them by observing and I also get the opportunity to meet people. During Field Producing I listen for keywords during the interview that we have to get for imagery to promote their business. This particular segment will air during the Thanksgiving holiday which made the shoot creative. It was a festive and Christmas holiday style of promotion that I enjoyed being a part of.

Upon completion of the Longs Jewelers shoot, I was able to work on a tease for my reel. So far I’ve built videos that are versatile and I’m continuing to find my niche the more I do them. I can say that practice is making everything perfect for me. I’m not the same person I was when I started interning at WAVY, now I’m the improved upcoming reporter.

Friday morning I shadowed the director in the control room during The Hampton Roads Show. I did get to learn more about graphics which are simple but play a vital role. The overdrive sends out everything on air and puts everything together. The Chyron generates graphics while inews is where the scripts are located with commands coded by the producer. Axis is the system that we use to create the graphics. I observed a sat interview from the control room. The particular sat interview was a backup in case each slot didn’t sell during the holiday. The time airtime has to still be accounted for therefore the sat interview will be used just in case all the holiday slots aren’t utilized.

The highlight of my week was working with Symone Davis. She covers the Whats Happening segment in Hampton Roads. We attended the Virginia Fashion Week Finale Saturday evening which was a very informative event for me. I observed her and also got a chance to ask questions.  The more that I get out in the field the better I become.  One important thing that I can say about this internship is that it requires time, effort, and dedication. The more you put into something the better the outcome.

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