Blog: Big Cool Down For Election Day. Plus, A New Tropical System.

Temperature Trend

When I got in this morning, I talked with the news producers about the upcoming morning show.  We said our typical greetings.  How are you?  How are you?  (I omitted that I had a sore throat).  Then they asked…”So it’s quiet weather today?”.  I said “Weeeeelllll”.  We have several things in weather which popped up since yesterday.  First off, we had some thick fog before midnight.  Then some clouds came in and cut the fog down.  Then….the clouds rolled out.  So the fog came back.

Fog On Tower Cam

Temps started off fairly warm.  At least for early November.  They were in the low 60s with a few 50s inland.  Today we will have a big warmup.  There is a weak area of high pressure just to our southeast.  We have a warm southwesterly breeze.  This is ahead of a strong cold front which is rolling over the Ohio River Valley as I write this.

Regional Weather Map

The cold front will arrive by the evening.  Before that we will warm up to the upper 70s this afternoon with a few 80s inland and south.  The average high is 64 degrees for this time of year.  Skies will be partly to mostly cloudy through the day.  We’ll have a southwest breeze at 8-12mph.   A few showers will arrive with the front this evening.

Future Trak This Evening

Some of these could impact the evening commute.  Temps won’t drop right away.  They will gradually fall to the 50s overnight.  A few showers could linger until about 1am. Tomorrow morning we could have a few isolated showers in the region. This will be as some people head out to vote.  The cold front will briefly stall out just to our south tomorrow.  This and an upper level feature will allow for some rain to pick up again in Hampton Roads.  So basically we’ll have an increasing chance for rain showers as we go through Tuesday.

Future Trak (Tuesday Afternoon)

The rain could be heavy by the evening. The models are suggesting a pocket of heavy rain right around the time that some people get off of work.

Future Trak (Tuesday Evening)

This could impact folks that go vote after work.  So be ready to take the rain gear for tomorrow in case you have to stand outside for a while.  Temps will be chilly too.  They will basically hover in the upper 50s to around 60 through the entire day.  They will be in the 50s during the evening hours.  The breeze will be out of the north at 8-12mph.

By Wednesday the front will sink even farther south.  Low temps will be in the 40s.  High temps will only be in the upper 50s.  A huge upper level trough will keep the chance for some scattered showers going on and off through Wednesday.  On Thursday highs will be near 60 with lots of clouds and isolated showers.  We’ll get a second shot of colder air Friday and Saturday.  Highs will only be in the mid 50s.  Lows will be in the 30s and 40s.  This could be our first shot at a widespread frost in the area.  Possibly even a freeze over some inland areas.  We’ll update you on that throughout the week.  I think we’ll see a lot more of these up and down temperatures as we go into the start of Winter.  I do think we’ll warm up again next week, but we’ll see.

In the tropics…We have a new tropical depression.  It is number 19.  It is located well east of Bermuda.

Track Of T.D. 19

The system will be in a low-shear/warm-water environment for a little while.  So it is likely to strengthen into tropical storm Rina in the next 12 hours.  The system will move north over the next couple of days.  It will merge with a cold front and become extratropical in a couple of days. It is no threat to land.  Stay tuned for updates.

Meteorologist: Jeremy Wheeler

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