Blog: Cooler Weather But Still Humid!

Today's Forecast

Yesterday evening we some pockets of heavy rain develop in the region.  A front that was trying to be a warm front had instead stayed stationary over Hampton Roads.  So some heavy showers and storms formed along that boundary.

Rain Yesterday Afternoon

While this may have ruined a couple of after-school events, overall it was good for some folks to get the rain.  Here are some of the rain totals for the last 24 hours:

Norfolk- 1.74″

Newport News- 2.18″

Virginia Beach (Oceana)- 0.44″

Elizabeth City- 0.02″

Machipongo (weather watcher A.J.)- 0.60″

So the heaviest rain was up on the Peninsula for sure.  We have more rain in the forecast today.  It should be light, but it will also become more widespread.  Here’s the setup:

A cold front is slowly pushing in from the west this morning along with a weak area of low pressure.

Regional Weather Map

This is going to push the warmer air mass offshore, and cooler air will move in.  As the low moves offshore today it will stall out.  The cold front will do the same.

Today’s Forecast

This will allow the northeast winds to pick up as we go into the afternoon.  They will run at 5-15mph with gusts up to 20mph near the shore.  The increasing northeast breeze will either keep the temps steady, or it will let them drop.  They will top off the in the mid 70s.  They could drop back to the low 70s by the afternoon.  However, even though we’ll get the cool down, we will NOT dry out.  Instead the moisture will keep coming in off of the ocean.  So we’ll have scattered showers up through about midday with some pockets of drizzle. Then a wider area of drizzle and light showers will develop through the day.

Future Trak (This Afternoon)

Most of the rain should be light, but a few moderate showers will mix in.  This will continue into tonight. Low temps won’t be able to drop too much due to the clouds, moisture, and wind.  So lows will be in the upper 60s.  We’ll hold onto this same pattern tomorrow.

Tomorrow’s Forecast

This means that we’ll see similar weather.  The drizzle could be widespread again, with more scattered showers.

Future Trak (Tomorrow Afternoon)

The rain should taper off by Friday evening.  Despite the wide area of drizzle and light rain, the forecast rain totals will probably be light.  I figure we’ll only see a couple more tenths of an inch.  Maybe a half inch if you are lucky (and need the rain).  By Saturday the front and the low should fall apart.  Some residual moisture could cause some spotty showers, but they should only be isolated in nature.  High temps will be in the upper 70s on Saturday. It will be drier.  By Sunday we’ll warm up again. Highs will be in the low 80s with partly cloudy skies.  That warmup will be very temporary though.  A much stronger cold front will move into Hampton Roads by early Monday.  It looks like it will come in earlier now.  So high temps on Monday will only be in the 70s.  Then by Tuesday we’ll have highs in the upper 60s.  We’ll have a few days of cooler weather next week with highs in the 60s and 70s and lows in the 50s.  (Possibly some 40s).

In the tropics hurricane Ophelia has strengthened since last night.  It is moving generally east today.  It will start moving northeast soon.  Some of the winds will brush the Azores islands by this weekend.  Then it is forecast to move northeast towards Ireland.  At this time it looks like it will become a nor’easter-type storm.  However, the winds could be hurricane-strength as it moves over or near Ireland, northern Ireland, and Great Britain.

Track Of Ophelia

This isn’t the first storm to do this.  Apparently, there have been a few throughout the years. Hurricane Debbie in 1961 was another example. We’ll be tracking Ophelia until it reaches that point.

In other news…The wildfires continue to rage in the west.  These recent wildfires have made a lot of headlines lately.  There have been over 20 deaths and thousands of homes destroyed.  Dry conditions will continue for a couple more days out there.  Send them a prayer.

Meteorologist: Jeremy Wheeler

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