Blog: Non-October Weather. Ophelia To Impact Europe.

Regional Temps

The calendar says October 11th, but the weather feels like June or late August.  Recently the weather has been very warm and humid.  I don’t mind a warm Fall, but the humidity has been stifling.  Here are the dew points for today.

Regional Dew Points

They are in the mid-upper 70s.  That is some tropical-feeling humidity.  So it was super muggy stepping out the door this morning.  Definitely a bad hair day…. Today we will still be unseasonably warm and humid.  A very slow moving warm front was drifting north of Hampton Roads this morning. It will continue to slowly push north today.

Regional Weather Map

This will put the whole region in the warm zone.  There is much cooler weather just north and west of the area.

Regional Temperature Forecast

High temps will be in the mid 80s this afternoon.  The record high is in the upper 80s for this time of year.  The front will cause scattered showers this morning.  As it moves farther north today, the rain chances should drop for a while.  Then things will pick up again by the late afternoon into the evening.

Future Trak (This Afternoon)

A few showers will continue tonight into tomorrow morning. Then as the cold front slowly pushes in from the west, we’ll see more scattered showers.

Future Trak (Thursday Afternoon)

The rain should wind down by Thursday night. Then on Friday some drier air will move into the region.   We’ll only see some isolated showers.  Highs will be in mid 70s tomorrow and Friday.  On Saturday we’ll see some nice weather.  Skies will be partly cloudy.  Highs will be in the upper 70s.  We’ll warm up again on Sunday, but the humidity shouldn’t be too high.  Highs will be near 80 with partly cloudy skies.  A much bigger cold front will move into the region late Monday.  This will bring more scattered showers, but the payoff will be worth it.  By Tuesday high temperatures are aiming for the upper 60s.  This will be a nice stretch of cooler weather well into next week.  I will definitely take a cool down, but I am reeeeealllly looking forward to some lower humidity.

In the tropics there is only one system at the moment. Tropical storm Ophelia is churning over the eastern Atlantic.

Tropical Satellite

The system has gained some strength since yesterday.  Sustained winds are now over 60mph.  Ophelia is moving slowly to the southeast.  Eventually, it will move east and then northeast.  It will also pick up some speed.  It is forecast to become a hurricane.  It could get pretty close to the Azores islands in a couple of days.  Then in a few days it could get very close to the coasts of Spain and Portugal.

Track Of Ophelia

It may become extra-tropical by that time.  However, notice the sustained winds in the forecast are still hurricane-strength.  So this could possibly still be a hurricane at that time.  Either way it could impact that region with some very strong winds.  Then it could impact Great Britain as a large nor’easter type storm if it holds together.  We’ll have updates on this.  Stay tuned!

Meteorologist: Jeremy Wheeler

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