My Oh My, How the Weeks Fly By

We’re down to week four of my internship here at WAVY-10 and the Hampton Roads Show! I can’t believe I’ve already been interning for a month, the time really flies by when you’re having fun and learning new things. Unfortunately my week had been cut short this week due to a severe cold, but I did manage to catch the show when it came on TV and it looked amazing, as usual. I took my time to dig deeper into a project that Ms. Cooke had given to me, which is managing the social media accounts. I’ve been drafting up social media calendars for the month of October for our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Deciding what type of content to post on each medium has been a fun challenge for me, especially since social media carries a large interest. I’ve come to the realization that though we want to post content that is interesting and relevant, that we don’t need to flood the accounts with a multitude of information all at once. I don’t want to post multiple things a day, every day, but rather I want to post something interesting once a day to bring more people to our pages and help increase our followings. Acknowledgments of national days is a great way to bring attention, my favorite upcoming one being National Bring Your Teddy Bear to Work Day. Social media is meant to highlight the things that viewers don’t necessarily see on camera, but are curious about. I’m really excited to share my ideas with Ms. Cooke on Monday to see how we can make that happen.

As you can see by the featured image, we like to have fun on set here at the Hampton Roads Show. Everyone on set has been so welcoming and inviting since day one and I honestly couldn’t ask for better coworkers for this internship. I feel right at home and confident on set, and love seeing everyone have fun and be comfortable around each other. Of course, we do the best job that we can and make sure everything turns out perfect, but it’s refreshing to see the goofiness that hides behind the camera takes and the TV screen. Everyone at the station has been extremely nice, and easy to talk to. On our first day, all of the interns were given a checklist of activities we are going to learn throughout our internship, and I think I’m ready to start working on the rest of that checklist. I love this internship so far, and can’t wait to see what else I can learn about this industry and if this is the right path for me. Time truly flies when you’re having as much fun as I am, and I’m excited to see where this upcoming week takes me. See you then!

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