Push First, Fade Next

What is an internship without a challenge? It is a learning experience doing a two-part internship which consists of The Hampton Roads Show and evening Production. Being a grad student you have to find time to expand your brain for school work and also for a continuous learning intern environment. This week I learned new things on both sides of internship that will cultivate my skills for my upcoming career environment.

Personally, you never know the challenge of learning new things from people who have been doing a repetitious job for years until you’re learning from them. My respect for interns has reached a new height because it is a journey for that intern who knows nothing but is attempting to learn the most they can.

While doing Production during the evenings I’ve learned to set up shots, select cameras listed on the rundown, and cut/pan accordingly. It was interesting to follow the rundown and match each camera so that everything is just perfect for that live anchor on-screen. The last two weeks I’ve shadowed Steven `who allowed me to do small segments with the cameras. I look forward to mastering cameras or at least become sufficient in operation of cameras. It is one thing to watch the news and to just see reporters reporting information but first, you have to understand who makes all this stuff happen. Camera operation is just one of the many aspects to making the news that we watch look good.

Floor directing with The Hampton Roads Show is an ongoing interesting task for me. I get to meet so many people such as amazing chefs, audience members, and also bands who are extremely talented. Floor directing is enough to put sweat under your armpits. My task for floor directing include placing microphones on the guest, matching up microphones for guest according to the rundown, seating the audience,  following the producer’s direction, telling the audience when to clap, and the list goes on. Following floor directing I clean the set so things are tidy for the next show after that task is complete, I help the host with blog posting. Blog posting is fairly simple yet is simple to be difficult meaning short but detailed at the same time.

My last task for the close of this week was copywriting, copywriting consisted of me going into the script and adding in information that had my initials placed next to it. This week I did the trivia questions and also fun facts for John Morgan. I personally will never forget the comedian that we had Friday John Morgan great guy down to earth. When we wrapped up the show he pulled me aside and said: “thank you, you did a good job”. This was very moving for me because interns have it tough enough but hearing those words helped encourage me in my journey of interning. This week is now in the past and it is time to move into another rewarding week.

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