Blog: Warming Local Temps. Tracking The Tropics Again!

Temperature Trend

Locally, we’ll have one more day with mild temps and dry weather.  Then we will start to heat things up.

Recently, we had a nice northeast breeze that kept pumping cool air into the region.  Dew points have been low, and we’ve had a lot of fair skies in the region.  Since yesterday a big area of high pressure has shifted offshore.

Regional Weather Map

It is close enough to the region today that we’ll have more nice weather.  However, we’ve lost the northeast breeze.  Today the wind will be very light out of the east.  It might even turn southeasterly by the end of the day.   This will allow temps to rise a bit.  Highs will be in the upper 70s with a few 80s inland.  The humidity isn’t too bad.  Dew points are in the upper 50s mainly. So enjoy today!  However, by tomorrow the high pressure system will shift a little more to the east.  Our local winds will turn out of the southwest.  We’ll have lots of sunshine in the region.  Plus the humidity will start to rise.  Therefore, high temps will reach into the 80s area-wide.  So it will feel much warmer tomorrow.  Then we’ll keep warming up into the 80s through the weekend.  Dew points will climb into the 60s.  This is going to make it feel Summery at times.  We may hit the mid-upper 80s by early next week.  Record highs are in the 90s until October 10th.  Then they are in the 80s.  So we’ll see if we get close to any records around the middle of next week.

Meanwhile in the tropics….There are 2 disturbances, and one of them has a high potential for formation.

The first one is near Florida.  It is weak, but it could bring some heavy rain to south Florida.  It is moving west, and only has a low chance for formation over the next few days.

Tropical Satellite

There is another disturbance down towards central America.  That one has a high chance for formation.  In fact, it may become a depression or tropical storm by later today.  This feature is forecast to move to the north/northwest over the next few days.  It may move over land on 2 occasions.  It could run into Honduras, Nicaragua, and/or the Yucatan Peninsula.  If it does, then it might weaken a bit.  If it stays just east of land (which some models show), then it could get into the Gulf of Mexico and strengthen.  This will be something to watch, but it would be likely to affect the Gulf coast states.  If it does become a tropical storm, then it will be called Nate.  We will bring you updates.

Meteorologist: Jeremy Wheeler

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