Blog Quick Update: Irma Makes Landfall Across FL Keys

Irma Makes landfall

Hurricane Irma…a Cat. 4 storm…made landfall across Florida Keys just after 9AM.  The eye wall crossed over Cudjoe Key, Big Pine Key, and Summerland Key, but the “official landfall occurred over Cudjoe Key at 9:10AM according to the National Hurricane Center.

Irma Makes landfall


As of the 8AM Advisory, Irma was a Category 4 Hurricane….stronger than it was yesterday afternoon/evening because its interaction with Cuba helped weaken it briefly.  However, the very warm waters between Cuba and the FL Keys allowed it to re-strengthen.



It’ll hug the Western Florida coast today as it gradually moves in a general northerly direction.  Life-threatening storm surge can be expected across the Western Coast of FL (especially the SW Coast…with 10-15ft of water above normal dry ground possible).  Hurricane force winds will whip across most of FL leading to catastrophic damage and likely widespread power outages. It’ll eventually move into GA early Tuesday…then rapidly weaken & turn into a non-tropical system by Wednesday as it moves towards the TN River Valley.


Meteorologist Ashley Baylor will have a more detailed Blog later today updating you on Irma, Jose, and your local forecast.


Meteorologist Deitra Tate

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