Blog: Many Asked For Rain!

Rain On Tower Cam

Many people have been asking for rain lately.  They’ve all but begged for rain over the last couple of months over the Peninsula, Middle Peninsula, Northern Neck, and Eastern Shore.  Well, they got it.  Over the last 24 hours there has been about 2-4 inches in those locations with a solid 1-2″ over the rest of the viewing area. These are radar estimates from Super Doppler 10 radar:

Rainfall Estimates

So far Jan in Reedville picked up 2.6″ of rain.   Chris in Hampton had 2.55″ and it was still coming down.  Scott in Yorktown had 3.3″   Norfolk has had 2.03″ in the last 24 hours.  Virginia Beach has had 0.77″ so far.  Rain was still heavy in spots during the morning commute.

Rain This Morning

While the rain was heavy at times, at least there weren’t too many thunderstorms this morning.  As predicted a warm front moved into the region and stalled out.  Now a weak area of low pressure is moving along the boundary.

Regional Weather Map

The low will steadily move out to sea this morning.  It will push the cool front slowly southward.  This slow progress is going to possibly keep the rain going into the early afternoon.

Future Trak (Early Afternoon)

The rain should become more scattered as some drier air begins to move in from the west and north.  However, a few isolated showers could linger into the late afternoon and early evening. Especially over North Carolina.

Winds will turn out of the north at 5-15mph.  We’ll also have a lot of clouds today.  So high temps will be held down in the upper 70s to near 80 this afternoon.

Tomorrow the front will sink south of the viewing area.  It will stall out over North Carolina.  So there may be a stray shower or two. Otherwise skies will be partly cloudy.  Highs will be near 80.  It will be a nice day.  Thursday was looking nice, but now a couple of the computer models are starting to throw in a few showers as the front tries to drift back north a bit.  I’ve got isolated showers for now, but I may have to increase the chance.  Another front will move in over the weekend and stall out.  This will bring a wet stretch of weather from Friday through next Monday.  The weekend could be a washout.  I am vested as many others are.  I was hoping to head outdoors to one of the regional theme parks.  Maybe the forecast will dry up a little before we get there.  After today I don’t think anyone will need rain for a while.

I’m still tracking the tropics.  Tropical storm Franklin is moving over the Yucatan Peninsula this morning.  It has weakened a little.  It will move west over the Bay of Campeche later today.

Tropical Storm Franklin

It could briefly become a hurricane before making landfall over central Mexico.  The wind will be strong along the coast. As it moves inland it will grind down over the higher elevations and become more of a rain-maker. Flooding will be likely over a large area.  It will stay well south of the United States.

Meteorologist: Jeremy Wheeler

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