A WAVY Weekend!

Over the weekend, I went out with reporter Marielena Balouris and the production intern, Taylor Lloyd, to learn more about what reporters do! Most of my time at WAVY is spent on The Hampton Roads Show set and most of the work I do is in studio. It was a nice change to go out on the road to cover some stories, and Marielena was a great reporter to do that with!

Our first stop was the Oceanfront to get some footage of the Rock’n’Roll Marathon Mock Run! As soon as we got there, Marielena put me right to the task and asked me to find someone to interview. I introduced myself to one of the organizers of the event and asked if she was willing to do a quick interview, which she agreed to do. After the interview, we got a little bit more footage of the runners and then headed to our second stop!

Our second stop was the Meyera E. Oberndorf Central Library to cover a public workshop that the Virginia Beach Police Department was putting on to teach the community how to defend themselves in a threat situation. We interviewed one of the police officers and then tried to find some attendees who were willing to get in front of the camera, but everyone was declining. Finally, Taylor found a couple who agreed to it after asking about 20 different people. We then sat in on some of the workshop to film it, and it was very interesting! It actually made me want to go sign up for the next one! At the end, I filmed a stand up and Marielena gave me some great advice on how to improve! (I’m starting to really love getting in front of the camera – Kerri and Chris better watch out.)

Overall, I had a great day and learned so much. I’m excited that I got some more content to add to my reel as well! With only two more weeks of my internship left, it’s time to start focusing on my final project, which is writing and hosting my own block of The Hampton Roads Show!

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