Shadowing in the WAVY News Control Room

My primary responsibility throughout this summer in working with The Hampton Roads Show is serving as Assistant Floor Director.  This past week Internship Coordinator, Ms. Stephanie Cooke, provided me with the opportunity to shadow the production crew of The Hampton Roads Show in the control room.  A control room consists of monitors, switching boards, and speakers used for the purpose of television or video production.  The production crew consists of Senior Line Producer, Mrs. Susan Deshazo, Director, Mr. Kyle Bloom, Production Intern, Miss Jacqueline “Taylor” Lloyd, and Production Operator, Miss Alexis Platt.

The producer and director work together in order to ensure a successful broadcast. It includes Senior Line Producer informing The Hampton Roads Show Hosts, Mr. Chris Reckling and Mrs. Kerri Furey, to perform certain tasks such as notifying them when to transition to another next segment of the program. Our director notifies Production Operator, Mrs. Kenisha Stringfield, when to use a particular camera while filming.  An aspect of the show that surprised me was how frequent Senior Line Producer would change the script while taping to improve the broadcast.

While shadowing I was given the opportunity to use the teleprompter.  This device is used to display specific text that should be read while broadcasting to an audience.  One important piece of advice I received from Miss Platt and Miss Lloyd were to make sure the white box in the teleprompter is always between two lines in the scripted text.  This will prevent a speaker’s eyes from moving up and down when reading.  I realized that you always have to be alert during operation because the host or anchors may speak give incorrect information if the teleprompter is not used properly.

In conclusion, The Hampton Roads Show is such a highly-recognized broadcast due to our production crew. Our Senior Line Producer and Director does an exceptional job ensuring that every aspect of the show is in the correct place.  This shadowing experience has motivated me to broaden my knowledge in the field of production as well as in sports broadcasting.


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