Blog: Change In The Jetstream!

Jetstream Today

The weather pattern is going to change over the next couple of days.  Today we have some cooler/wetter weather.  By mid-week we’ll be hotter with less rain.

Today’s weather pattern continues from yesterday.  We had scattered showers and storms in southeast Virginia.  They steadily dropped south into North Carolina through the day.

Rain Yesterday

The rain missed the station at Norfolk International Airport.  So they didn’t record rain.  Newport News only had 0.08″.  However, Elizabeth city had 0.84″ of rain.  Some isolated locations had over an inch.  This morning we had more rain moving north through northeast North Carolina up to the Southside.

Radar This Morning

It was heavy at times.  Today in the upper levels of the atmosphere there is a big dip in the jetstream over the eastern U.S.

Jetstream Today

Over the next couple of days the jetstream will rise back north.  This will allow for ridging to happen.  This promotes more sunshine and hotter temperatures.

Weather Pattern Late Week

Meanwhile at the surface we have a stationary front in the vicinity.

Regional Weather Map

These features have helped to create the rain and the ample clouds today. We’ll have some more scattered showers and storms this afternoon, but they shouldn’t be as widespread as this morning.

Future Trak (This Afternoon)

The benefit will be the cooler temperatures.  High temps will be in the upper 80s this afternoon with just a couple of 90s.  It will still be humid, but at least it won’t be too hot.  Winds will be out of the south at 5-10mph.

By tomorrow the stationary front should fall apart.  The jetstream will lift back north.  Winds will stay out of the south as the Bermuda high pressure builds back in at the surface.  We’ll have more sunshine which will heat up the temperatures.  Highs will be near 90 or in the low 90s.  There will be some isolated showers and storms, but there will be less than recently.

Future Trak (Tomorrow Afternoon)

As we go from Wednesday through the end of the week we’ll have lots of sunshine, lower rain chances, and hotter temperatures.  We’ll be in the low-mid 90s on Wednesday.  We’ll be in the mid-upper 90s Thursday and Friday.  The heat index will be back up over 100.  It could reach 105 again for a couple of days.  We may have some showers moving in on Saturday as an upper level disturbance gets closer to the area.  However, that is not set yet.  If we do get some late day showers, then that might cool us down a couple of degrees.  Either way we will heat back up on Sunday into the mid 90s again.

I’ve got a little climatology for the region.  Norfolk has had 3.24″ of rain this month.  That is 0.83″ above the average.  We have had 28.33″ for the year.  This is 4.64″ above the average.  Elizabeth City had some rain yesterday.  So their monthly total is up to 3.78″.  This is about an inch above average.  Somehow though, they are down 0.28″ for the year.  That’s a big difference in a short distance between there and Norfolk.  That does happen a lot in this area though.  This data comes from the National Weather Service in Wakefield.

There is an area of disturbed weather in the central Atlantic that is showing signs of organization.  This is moving west at a steady pace.

(Tropical Satellite)

The Hurricane Hunters will investigate this feature later today.  Whether or not it becomes a tropical system, it will likely impact the Lesser Antilles with some heavy rain and gusty winds.  The models are in pretty good agreement that it will take a westerly track, but stay tuned.  We’ll be updating you on it over the next couple of days.

Meteorologist: Jeremy Wheeler

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