Blog: Umbrellas Wearing Out! Tracking Tropical Storm Cindy.

Track Of Cindy

Locally, we had more rain again today.  It was light overall, but it was also widespread this morning.  It put down about a tenth of an inch to 4 tenths of an inch of rainfall.

Rain This Morning

A stationary front was sitting over the region, (AGAIN) with ample humidity surrounding the boundary.

Regional Weather Map

Luckily the boundary is forecast to fall apart later today.  Also, a little drier air will try to work in at the upper levels.  So the rain should taper off by late morning.  Then we’ll only see some isolated showers this afternoon.  We’ll also have some clearing.  Skies may go to partly cloudy skies for a while.  That’s when temps will warm to the mid 80s.  Winds will be out of the southwest at 5-10mph.  By tonight we’ll be partly cloudy.  No rain is forecast.  Also tomorrow we’ll see quiet weather.  There will be some fog in the morning.  Other than a stray shower or two, we’ll be partly cloudy with highs in the low 90s.  We’ll have some scattered showers and storms Friday afternoon.  This will be due to a resurgence of moisture into the area.  On Saturday a cold front will move into the region.  Before the front arrives we’ll top off in the low 90s again.  During the afternoon and evening we may get a line of heavy showers and storms.  This could be enhanced by tropical storm Cindy (Indirectly).  More on that in a moment.  The front should pass to our south on Sunday.  The models are starting to dry out Sunday and Monday.  High temps will be in the low 80s with some drier air.  There may only be some isolated showers on Sunday.  Any drier trend is in the models is a good thing right now.  So let’s hope it continues.

Now let’s talk tropics.  Tropical storm Bret fell apart yesterday.  It was pretty weak to begin with.  Tropical storm Cindy formed, and now it is over 100 miles south of the Louisiana coast.

Tropical Satellite

Heavy rain was already moving onto the coast.  For a while the bulk of the rain was far removed from the center.  Even the National Hurricane Center said in their discussion this morning that the system was not acting tropical.  It was almost behaving more subtropical.  By about 6am there were a few more thunderstorms forming near the center.  So it may be trying to strengthen a bit.

Cindy On Satellite/Radar

Heavy downpours will fall along the Gulf coast states today.  The storm will slowly move to the north/northwest.  By tomorrow morning it will likely make landfall as a tropical storm between Beaumont Texas and Lake Charles Louisiana.  The wind probably won’t be too bad.  It is forecast to weaken a bit before landfall.  However, the heavy rain will likely cause widespread flooding/flash flooding from east Texas to coastal Alabama.  Some locations could see up to a foot of rain.


The system will weaken over land through the day Thursday as it moves north.  It will head towards Memphis and fall apart Friday into early Saturday.

Track Of Cindy

Even though it will probably fall apart over Tennessee, the moisture will still drift east.  This deeper moisture may wrap into the cold front on Saturday that will affect our region.  So it could enhance the chance for heavy rain.  That is still pretty far out in time.  So we’ll have a better handle on that possibility over the next 2 days.  Stay tuned for updates.

Meteorologist: Jeremy Wheeler

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