Blog: Cooler 2nd Half Of The Week!

Temperature Trend

The hot weather pattern is about to wrap up soon.  We have one more day of hot/humid weather.  Tomorrow will be slightly better.  But the real cool down will arrive on Thursday.

The weather pattern hasn’t changed much over the last couple of days.  High pressure is still parked offshore.  Winds hare still out of the southwest.  The heat keeps pouring in.

I hesitate to call it a heat wave though.  While temps have topped off about 10 degrees above average.  It is very typical to have highs in the 90s this time of year.  In fact we’ve had some years where we hit 100 degrees in June.  Either way we will see some changes soon.  There is a cold front over the Great Lakes that is dropping south.

Regional Weather Map

The front won’t get here today.  High temps will be in the low 90s with some mid 90s inland.  There may be a few isolated showers and storms late in the afternoon into the evening.

Future Trak (5pm)

The weather should be good overall for voters in the region, but a few folks will see those isolated showers/storms.

By tomorrow the cold front will drop into the region.  This will happen later in the day.  We’ll have an area of showers and storms in the afternoon.

Future Trak (Wed. Afternoon)

Some of the storms could be strong with heavy rain and gusty winds.  High temps will top off in the mid-upper 80s before the storms and front arrive.

The front will settle to our south on Thursday.  The models aren’t showing a lot of rain for that day.  I only have isolated (20% chance) showers possible.  The big thing you’ll notice though is the cool-down.  High temps will only be in the upper 70s.  We’ll have partly to mostly cloudy skies and northeasterly winds.  By Friday we’ll be back closer to average.  Highs will be in the low 80s. The front will drift back north. So we’ll have some scattered showers and storms.  Some deeper moisture will push back into the region by Saturday.  It will be humid with highs in the 80s.  We’ll have more scattered showers and storms.  It will still be hot and humid on Sunday.  However, I think we’ll have a little ridging in the upper levels.  So the chance for rain looks lower.  At least on the current computer models.  However, a big area of rain looks to move back in by Monday night.  Stay tuned for updates to the rain chances and timing.

Before I go.  I ran across a neat article recently that talks about the ozone layer.  There’s always the broad discussion about the loss of ozone in the lower stratosphere when it comes to the planet. Lately, it has recovered somewhat.  However, there is a new study out of Harvard that looks at how thunderstorms over the U.S.might impact the ozone.  This is something that I have never heard of before.  It’s an interesting new focus of study.  Especially for those that model climate.  Here is the article: Thunderstorms impact stratospheric ozone. 

Meteorologist: Jeremy Wheeler

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