Off and Running as a WAVY Sports Intern

It hasn’t taken very long to get settled in as a WAVY Sports Department intern. With help from everyone in the newsroom, learning how the station operates has been eye-opening and fulfilling in multiple ways.

Most recently, I had Nathan Epstein sit me down and show me basic editing techniques he uses when creating video content for the Sportswrap. The editing program is like second nature to him, allowing him to put a well edited and clean clip together in just a matter of minutes.

However, for me it’ll take some time to get the speed factor down as I currently aim to focus on perfecting my editing skills so by the end of my internship I’ll be capable of putting high quality clips together that are newscast worthy. So far, I’m on the right path by practicing as much as possible and having Nathan critique my work.

Brian Parsons also helped show me how the station uses iNews to create content for newscasts so that every department in the newsroom is on the same page with what is bring run on-air. Brian showed me the importance of filling the time slots appropriately so that a segment doesn’t cause the show to be over or even under the allotted time.

Within iNews, Brian also showed me how to create “Supers”, or the display titles that show an athlete’s name as they appear on screen or the box score of a game that is being recapped. The importance of this software was proven during WAVY’s coverage of this past weekend’s high school state championships. With numerous teams and scores to cover, simply putting the scores on “boards” on-screen made it easier for viewers to see the scores effectively. Using the boards also took up less time in the show in contrast to naming every team and score aloud, giving the department more time to add additional content to the show.

After learning these new techniques of editing and content building, I’m hopeful my next step will be to get out into the field and learn how to shoot video and get shots that will be appealing to the viewer while also communicating the story I wish to tell.

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