Blog: Hot, Hazy, & Humid!

Temperature Trend

Summer has arrived early.  A least for a short stint.  We just enjoyed 3 nice days of dryness and mild temperatures.  Now, the humidity is back, and temps are rising.  Big time!  As predicted, a warm front moved through the region last night.  So temperatures started in the 60s.  It was fairly humid.  So our tower cam was pretty hazy this morning.

Sun & Haze On Tower Cam

High pressure is near the region.  It is sitting just offshore.  This will give us lots of sunshine today.  Plus, the breeze will pick up a little out of the south/southwest (8-12mph).

Regional Weather Map

High temperatures will climb into the low 90s this afternoon. The record high for today is 93 degrees (1941).  I’m calling for 92 in Norfolk.  There will be some mid 90s inland.  On top of that…the humidity has increased dramatically.  Yesterday dew points were in the 40s.  It felt great!  Today the dew points have climbed into the 60s.

Dew Points (Moisture)

With the heat and humidity combined it will feel like the mid 90s in Hampton Roads and upper 90s in some inland locations.  That is the heat index or feels like temperature.  If you want to cool off, then head to the beach.  Water temps are in the 60s.  The air temperatures near the shore will be near 80 at the shore and in the 80s near the shore.  We’ll see much of the same tomorrow.  The pattern won’t change.  On Friday we’ll have more clouds in the region.  The might limit temps slightly.  A cold front will eventually be moving into the area, but it will still be well to our west through the day.  So I’m not expecting rain during the daytime.  However, by the evening showers and storms will move into the Hampton Roads.  The front will swipe through Friday night.  We’ll cool down on Saturday to the low 70s.  The models are really dropping temps for that day.  So I have also lowered the temps as well.  We will have lots of clouds and scattered showers.  I put the chance for rain at 60%.  The timing is tricky, but so far it looks like there is a better chance for rain in the first half of the day compared to the second half.  We’ll be updating that part of the forecast over the next 2 days.  To me, it looks like the front will lift back north as a warm front on Sunday.  However, some forecasts keep us cool.  Tentatively, I’m calling for a mix of sun and clouds with only some isolated showers in the region.  I put the high up to 80, but I’m cautiously optimistic.  More rain moves in late next Monday into Tuesday morning.

While I was looking for national stories to put in the blog, I found a neat link about billion dollar disasters in the U.S.  I used to use this link when I taught “Natural Hazards” at Mississippi State University, but it’s been a while since I looked at it.  It goes all the way back to 1980.  It has links to just about every event.  These include droughts, hurricanes, floods, tornado outbreaks, and snow storms.  Here is the link: Billion Dollar Disasters since 1980.

Speaking of bad weather…There were a lot of reports of severe weather and tornadoes in the central U.S. yesterday.  There were over 25 tornadoes reported.  Some of which were deadly.  Tornadoes yesterday.
Storm Reports From Tuesday (SPC)

They are expecting more severe weather and tornadoes in the Midwest today.

Tornadoes are one thing, but there are weaker cousins which doesn’t do damage.  These are called dust devils.  Recently, a viewer in Cofield, NC captured a dust devil on camera.  It was very thin, and it was near a vehicle.  Here is the link:

North Carolina Dust Devil.

Meteorologist: Jeremy Wheeler

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