Blog: Nice Today, Then It Gets Hot…And Humid!

Forecast Temperatures (Tomorrow)

Ahhhhh. Can you feel it?   We have lots of fresh air out there this morning.  Temps started a little cool in some places.  They were in the 40s and 50s early.  However, strong sunshine is already warming things up.  Temps have jumped into the mid 60s in Norfolk just in the last hour and a half.  Today will be great.  High temps will be near 80 degrees.  We have a big area of high pressure in the region. So there will be lots of sun through the day.

Regional Weather Map

The high is right on top of us. So there won’t be much wind.  It will be cooler near the shore (mid 70s), but warmer inland (low-mid 80s).  The great part about the forecast is that we are dry.  Dew points are currently in the upper 40s and low 50s.

Dew Points

This is very dry air for this time of year.  With the light winds today that shouldn’t change much.   There is a stationary front to our south.  There is a lot of heat and humidity on the other side of it.

High Temp Forecast (Today)

High temps will be in the 80s all the way up to Minnesota today.  By tonight the front will move back north as a warm front.  This will already start pumping in the heat and the humidity.  Low temps will be in the mid 60s overnight with mostly clear skies and light southerly winds.  By tomorrow we’ll have southwesterly winds at 8-12mph. Dew points will rise into the low 60s.  We’ll have more strong sunshine as well.  So when the high temperatures reach the low 90s tomorrow, it will feel very Summery outside.  There might even be a few mid 90s inland. This is what Future Trak is calling for:

Forecast Temperatures (Tomorrow)

Whether it’s in the low 90s or the mid 90s, it will be a big jump from just a few days ago when high temps were in the 50s.  We’ll see similar heat and humidity on both Wednesday and Thursday.  We’ll have more clouds on Friday.  That may temper the high temps a bit (upper 80s.).  We’ll have a cold front move into the region Friday night into Saturday.  That will bring a good chance for rain to the region.  High temps will be in the upper 70s.  Then we’ll have a mix of sun and clouds on Sunday with only some isolated showers.  Highs will be in the low 80s as the front swings back north as a warm front.  There are a lot of big events coming up this weekend.  Beer Festival, Greek Festival, Pirate Festival, and the LPGA in Williamsburg.  So stay tuned for updates to the timing of any rain and storms.


In national news…  There is a big weather system coming off of the Rockies today.  It may cause a severe weather outbreak over the central U.S.  There is an enhanced risk for severe weather from western Iowa to central Texas.  There is a fairly high risk for tornadoes over Tornado Alley today.  They may even see some large tornadoes.  Stay tuned for updates.

Severe Risk From The Storm Prediction Center

Meteorologist: Jeremy Wheeler

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