BLOG: Soggy to Sunny

I think everyone is thrilled the wet weather finally gone.  There were a lot of people taking advantage of this beautiful Mother’s Day!  And by the way, a big Happy Mother’s Day to all the Moms out there!
After 1.5″ to 2″ of rain over the span of three days, Mother Nature treated us to lots of sunshine today with highs in the low-80s.
Overnight, a silent cold front will swing through Hampton Roads.  It’s called a silent cold front because it won’t bring us a chance of showers, it’ll simply shift our wind direction and cool things down a little for Monday.  Expect mainly clear skies into tomorrow morning with lows in the upper-50s.
Nothing but bright, blue skies in the forecast tomorrow.  As I said, behind that front, it’ll be a little cooler thanks to a northwest breeze – temperatures will be back in the mid-70s.  Our average high is 75°, so that’s seasonable for this time of year anyway.
The sun will win out again on Tuesday with highs near 80°.  The mercury will surge into the mid to upper-80s for the second half of the week – wouldn’t surprise me if we saw a few 90s on our temperature map.
We won’t have to worry about any rain chances until Friday afternoon, so at least we’ll stay nice and dry for most of the week.  Enjoy it!
-Meteorologist Ashley Baylor

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