Blog: In A Good Place Today. Not So Much Tomorrow.

Precip Chances

Today we are in a good place.  Well, we know that Hampton Roads is a good place, but I’m referring to the weather.  We have an area of high pressure just to our north, and as you know that is a fair-weather maker.  There is a stationary front just to our southwest.  This brought a few showers to the area early this morning, but they have since moved out.


There is some cooler weather off to our northeast with some very warm weather to our west today.  We are right in between.  So high temperatures will aim for the mid 70s which is in-line with the average for this time of year.  There will be some upper 70s inland.  YES!  It should be nice out.  We’ll be dry.  Pollen levels are low.  Winds will be light.  By tonight the front will nudge north a bit.  We’ll have a few showers.  Tomorrow the front will nudge north just a bit more.  However, this won’t be the main cause for rain.  We’ll have some overunning moisture which will create scattered showers in the region.  Before, the models brought most of the rain in during the afternoon.  Today our Future Trak model is starting things up (for Thursday) by noon.

Future Trak (Noon Thursday)

If they don’t arrive by noon, then they will likely arrive by the afternoon.

Future Trak (Thursday Afternoon)

There will probably be a few thunderstorms in there as well.  We’ll have lots of clouds and a northeast breeze along with the showers tomorrow.  So high temps will only be in the upper 60s.  This same setup will continue on Friday.  Scattered showers, clouds, cool temps.  By Sunday an area of low pressure will move east along the front.  It will move into the region.  This will bring a high chance for rain for most of the day.  It might be a washout.  We could end up with a couple more inches of rain.  It has been pretty wet lately.  We really don’t need rain right now.  Especially after we get some showers tomorrow and Friday.  Luckily we still look to dry out by Mother’s Day.  Stay tuned for updates!

In national news…We weren’t the only area that has been very wet recently.  Apparently the United States (as a whole) had it 2nd wettest April on record.  Averaging out the rainfall in the country we had about 3.4″ of rain.  The major flooding continues in the the central U.S.  Some rivers are cresting, but more rain is forecast for Thursday and Friday.  I mentioned in a blog the other day that the recent weather pattern is a blocking one.  That means that the jetstream doesn’t tend to move much compared to its normal pattern.  The jetstream is the driver for weather systems.  When it is parked, then the systems can sit over an area for days or even weeks.  I found a neat article this morning that talked about this pattern in terms of the entire northern hemisphere.  Here is the article: Weird jetstream pattern. Hopefully the pattern changes soon.

Meteorologist: jeremy wheeler


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