Blog: Warm 2 Days, Then A Wetter Pattern!

Yesterday afternoon the sun popped out for a bit.  It was absolutely great weather to cut the grass.  There was a lot of fresh air.  Today the air will be filled with pollen.  We’ve had some rain recently, and the temperatures are going to warm up this afternoon.  So get ready for a high pollen count.  I put the levels at a 10 out of 10.

Pollen Forecast

The good news on that is that I think the season is peaking.  We’ll probably trend the pollen down over the next couple of weeks.  We started early, so we’ll probably end early.

One big reason that we’ll warm up today is that we’ll get back our southwesterly winds.  They will run at 5-15mph.  High pressure is offshore.


After some clouds this morning we’ll go to partly cloudy skies today.  High temperatures will rise to the low-mid 80s.  There will be some mid-upper 80s inland.  Water temperatures are still in the low 60s in most areas.  So it will be cooler near the shore.  There may be 1 or 2 stray showers in the region, but the chance is very low.  By tomorrow the wind will pick up out of the west/southwest.  Gusts will be up to 25mph.  We’ll be partly cloudy from the morning into the mid afternoon.  So high temps will be able to reach the mid-upper 80s.  We could see a couple of 90s inland, but we’ll see.  That will depend on how fast the clouds build in during the late afternoon.  We may see a few isolated showers and storms in the afternoon, but the rain chances will increase during the evening.

Future Trak (Friday Eve.)

This will be ahead of a cold front that will cool us down for the weekend.  The front will stall out to our south on Saturday, but it will be close enough to keep in a chance for scattered showers.  The timing is to be determined, but I do have a 40% chance for those showers.  On Sunday a big area of low pressure will move to our south.  It will be big, but it will be broad.  So I don’t think the wind will be too strong.  However, we may see quite a bit of rain through the day Sunday.  This rain will continue Sunday night into Monday.  I’ll detail that a little more tomorrow.

Yes…there is a subtropical depression in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.  No…I didn’t talk about it on air today.  Why not?  Well, I didn’t think it was worth it.  It’s subtropical which takes a bit of time to explain.  Basically, the thunderstorms are farther from the center, and the structure is a bit different.  Also, a non-tropical (extratropical) system is going to absorb it pretty soon. So it’s lifespan will be very short.  Thirdly, it will stay way out to sea.  If you would like a little more info, then here is the link to the National Hurricane Center. NHC.

In other news….The world of weather computer will be changing soon.  There are big changes that are going to be happening to both weather and climate models.  The whole structure of the models is going to change to at least 3 of the models that we commonly use.  The hope is that the models will become finer and more accurate that the often cited European model.  Big changes are coming to NOAA.  Here is a link with the full details: Computer model changes at NOAA.  The article is very lengthy and detailed, but it’s worth checking out.

Meteorologist: Jeremy Wheeler

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