Blog: Where’s The Warmth?

Regional Temperature Forecast

So yesterday we had what I call a curve ball system move into the region.  It was a potent upper level low that moved into the region. It had a lot of cold air wrapped into it’s core.  The models didn’t handle the moisture or the level of cold air very well 12-24 hours beforehand.   That system caused some snow to fall on the last official day of Winter.  Then we cleared out, but it stayed cold (for mid-March anyway).  Today is the first day of Spring!  So will we warm up soon?  The short answer is yes!  However, there’s still a little more cold air to contend with in the 7-day forecast.  Lets’ talk about it:

For the last couple of days the warmth has been sliding from the Western U.S. into the central U.S.  In fact, today they are expecting record heat from Texas to Oklahoma.

Regional Temperature Forecast

Highs will be in the 80s and possibly even 90s out that way.  70s will push as far east as Atlanta.  Meanwhile we’ll warm up a little here with highs in the 50s.  We may warm up a little more, but high pressure to the west is still causing our wind to be out of the northwest:


Due to this, I’ve capped the high temps at the mid 50s with only a few upper 50s inland.  If the winds can drop to calm, then we could warm up to the upper 50s to near 60.  Either way we’ll have lots of sun today.

By tonight warmer air will move into the region.  Plus, moisture will increase.  We’ll be on the edge of a warm front.  So there will be some scattered rain showers.

Future Trak (Late Tonight)

These showers could linger into the morning commute tomorrow, but the models kick them out by the mid-morning.  We’ll be dry for most of the day.  The central U.S. warmth will slide east.  So highs will be in the 60s.

Temperature Forecast Tomorrow

We’ll have a mix of sun and clouds in the region.  There is one caveat.  There will be a weak but quick moving area of low pressure that will roll east along the front.  On the back-side it will pull in a cold front.  So temps may fall late in the day.  Also there may be a few spotty showers in the late afternoon or early evening as the front swoops in.  This will shove the cold air back into the region. We’ll have highs in the upper 40s on Wednesday.  Cold air will be reinforced Wednesday night with a 2nd front.  Lows will drop to the 30s and 30s Wednesday night with clearing.  Then high temps will only be in the 40s again on Thursday.  The good news….I think this will be the last of the cold air for a while.  We’ll warm to near 60 on Friday.  We’ll aim for near 70 on Saturday.  Then highs will likely be in the 60s into early next week.  It looks like the weather pattern will shift next week.  At least that’s what the longer-range models show for now.  So we’ll see.  I think everyone is looking forward to warmer temperatures.  I know recently that some fruit farmers have taken a hit. I think a lot of runners pined for warmer weather yesterday at the Shamrock Marathon.  Also, there are a lot of outdoor events coming up as we go into Spring.  So hopefully the weather will start to cooperate.

Meteorologist: Jeremy Wheeler

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