Morning Update: Snow reports… a memory by Monday

Viewer picture from Gloucester

Here’s a snapshot of the radar from this morning. Notice the blue blob with pink outline…that’s the area of snow that slid from the Northern Neck to the Southside throughout the morning. That was affiliated with the coldest air aloft and at the surface under the core of an upper level low.

Radar snapshot from this AM


Because of the high liquid content as temps hover near the 0 degree line just above the surface (partially melting the snow), the flakes that fall this morning will be large. Look at this view photo from Gloucester Courthouse:

Viewer picture from Gloucester Courthouse



Large wet flakes do lead to a brief winter wonderland look, but it’ll melt off by later today for most areas…courtesy of a ground that’s above freezing and the high water content of the snow.

Water Vapor Imagery – UPPER LEVEL LOW


In the graphic above, you’re looking at the water vapor satellite imagery of the upper level low that’s creating today’s event. Upper lows are slow movers, but we’re expecting the bulk of its moisture to move out of Hampton roads by early afternoon.



Future Trak has most of our area with little to no precipitation left by 3 p.m.. However, I do think moisture will linger across parts of NE North Carolina possible thru 5 p.m..



Get more details on our WAVY TV social media sites. Meteorologist Ashley Baylor will have an updated blog and your Spring forecast tonight.


Meteorologist Deitra Tate

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