Blog: Trying To Warm Up!

Temperature Trend

The local weather has finally quieted down.  The winds won’t be as strong today, and high pressure is in control of the weather.

Regional Weather Map

Temperatures are the biggest story at the moment.  After a very warm February, March has been well below average up to this point.  There is some good news.  We’ll steadily warm up over the next few days.

Temperature Trend

Highs will be in the mid 40s today with less wind, 50s tomorrow, and then in the 60s by Saturday.  Keep in mind that there will be a good chance for scattered rain showers on Saturday.  This will impact any St. Patrick’s Day parades or events.  We’ll dry out on Sunday into Monday.  A few showers will return next Tuesday.

So the local weather looks fairly quiet.  The cold mornings are rough on the local plants, flowers, trees, and fruits. Low temps should be above freezing for most of the next 7 days AFTER tomorrow morning.  The Cherry Blossoms in Washington D.C. have likely taken a hit. Hopefully, the blooms will be ok, but we’ll see.

Hopefully, we’ll all warm up to above average after about another week and a half.  Cross your fingers!

In world news… I found an article that talks about how climate change has affected Alaska recently.  Melting permafrost is causing the ground to sink over parts of the state.  Less sea ice is creating a higher exposure to floods and and storms along some coasts.  Also, forest fires have been a big problem over the last couple of years.  With the price of oil down recently, this is making it tougher for the state to deal with these issues as that is a huge source of income.  Here is an article that goes into more detail.  Alaska dealing with warmer Winters.

Meteorologist: Jeremy Wheeler

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