Blog: Another Warm Weekend! Wooohoo!

Weekend Warmup

We are quickly heading into a warm weekend, but the starting line was cold this morning.  Temperatures started off in the 20s and low 30s in the region.

Temps This Morning
Temps This Morning

Cold air was firmly in place across the Northeast states and the Mid-Atlantic.  We had light winds and mostly clear skies.  There were a couple of flurries just to our southwest from a weak upper level disturbance, but Hampton Roads was dry.  High pressure is to our south today.  We’ll have southwest winds at 5-10mph with some winds up to 8-12mph.  Skies will be mostly sunny.  So temps will warm up to the mid 50s locally.  There will be a large area of warming across the eastern United States.  Temperatures will run about 15-30 degrees above average for about a 3rd of the country.  Wow! Here are the forecast temperatures for today.

Today's Forecast Temperatures
Today’s Forecast Temperatures

We are getting some of that warming today.  However, it will be in full force tomorrow.  After starting in the upper 30s to low 40s Saturday morning, we’ll rise to near 70 by the afternoon.

Temperature Forecast (Saturday)
Temperature Forecast (Saturday)

We’ll see lots of sun through the day, but clouds will increase in the afternoon.  The warmth will affect a large area through the entire weekend.  On Sunday we’ll have more clouds.  Plus there may be a stray shower in the region Sunday morning.  Otherwise, it will be another nice day with highs in the upper 60s.  We’ll drop to the low 60s on Monday, but that is still well above the average which is 51 for this time of year.  In fact warm temperatures will continue through most of next week.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again.  Everything is going to be blooming by next week.  Even the trees probably.

In national news… There is more bad news for California.  After a record drought came to an abrupt end recently, there is more flooding expected for part of the state.  One of the strongest storms in years is heading into that region today.  It could cause some more major problems.  This may be just the beginning.  The recent rain and snow is causing more flooding in the region, and there could be more into the Spring due to the big bounce back in the snow pack.  Luckily, we have quiet weather in our region.  We had our share of flooding last year.

Meteorologist: Jeremy Wheeler

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