Popup Storms and Oh? Another Tropical Storm!

Real quick we’ll talk about the forecast for today then we can dive into the Tropical Update. Today, if you have been outside you’ve felt the oppressive humidity and heat. Well that’s going to be the ingredients for a isolated shower we could see this afternoon. Across the Outer Banks we already had evidence of showers from this morning.

Still Hot & Humid

Eventually that cold front will move across our area which will increase the storm threat, but also cool us down. This should happen next week. In the meantime expect high temperatures close to 90 degrees and a breezy south wind at 10-15mph.

Now for the Tropics, let me show you the Atlantic Satellite:


Ernesto is the closest storm to us, but is still far away and just grazing the northern coast of South America. Florence just developed this morning and is likely to be a strong tropical storm over the next few days. First lets start off with Ernesto:

Ernesto’s Path

Ernesto is still moving west at 16mph and is not looking much of a threat to Hampton Roads. It still is looking like it will get stronger and become a Hurricane sometime late tomorrow or Monday. By Thursday it may be making landfall in Mexico as a Category 1 Hurricane with 80mph winds.

Watching Florence

Right now after 5 Days, the computer models are saying that Florence will become weaker, but don’t put too much stock into their forecasts yet. The one thing I would be more confident about is the general path. Its taking more of a north track, but that is also subject to change. Right now will keep our eye on this storm.

In the meantime enjoy your weekend, if your going to the beach the UV Index is a 10. Waves are 1-2ft today so the rip current threat is low.

Meteorologist Jeff Edmondson


1 thought on “Popup Storms and Oh? Another Tropical Storm!

  1. Not another tropical storm! I’m here in Miami and these storms were really something serious. My house had a serious water flooding and I had to pay lots of money to maintain my house. I am definitely going to enjoy my weekend!

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