Link To An Interesting Picture

This satellite picture is from December 20th (Sunday). Newport News is at the very bottom of the picture. The southern tip of the Eastern Shore is near the picture’s bottom.

Note that there are “stripes” of clouds flowing across Virginia’s Eastern Shore…obscuring any snow cover there. The snow cover over the Peninsula was generally too light to be detected from this picture.

All in all, our forecast turned out to be pretty accurate. We expected heavy rain & wind for Friday overnight…and we got it. We expected moderate tidal flooding on Saturday morning…and we got it. We expected a lull from the rain and dropping temperatures on Saturday…and we got that. And for Saturday evening, we expected anywhere from a dusting to as much as 2″ of snow for the Hampton Roads cities…and we got that, too.

Snow forecasts are notoriously difficult for our area (think last winter!), so it’s been nice to “nail” this forecast.

1 thought on “Link To An Interesting Picture

  1. I was wondering bout the moon..It looks really odd tonite.Like a bluish color haze at the bottom ..then at the top of the moon.Then it looks like it could be 2 moons up there.I ish that I had a telescope so that I could get a better veiw.Just wanted to bring it to your attention.

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