Enjoying our day at the zoo

Parenting: Tired With No Regrets

The weather Tuesday was BEAUTIFUL and right before our Midday newscast I wondered aloud to my co-anchor Don Roberts, “I want to take Liam to the zoo because it is so nice today, but I’m wondering if I’ll regret it by 6:30 because I’ll be so tired.” (Note: I am a morning anchor who splits her sleep, so I get half of my sleep in the early afternoon and the rest of my sleep after my 3-year-old goes to bed…then my alarm goes off at 2:15am every weekday). Do you know what Don said to me next? He said, “You…

Honoree Brian Winfield speaking about his years of volunteering for the March of Dimes
Photo from Wayne Pellenberg

Nicole’s Notes: Great food, great event, great cause!

Another great year of food, fun, and an auction to benefit the March of Dimes. The Signature Chefs event was held Sunday, October 12 at the …