Rainy Day Play

I miss the sun. I feel like it’s a unicorn that we are all searching for but keep coming to the sad realization that it’s JUST. NOT. REAL. I want some natural Vitamin D! I want to get outside and LIVE! I am sick of all of this rain! …but (get ready for a silver lining) because of this rain, I get to participate even more closely in my toddler’s wicked awesome imagination…which allows me to shake the rust off of my own pretty awesome imagination (if I do say so myself)! My son is OBSESSED with jungle/safari animals. (I…

Honoree Brian Winfield speaking about his years of volunteering for the March of Dimes
Photo from Wayne Pellenberg

Nicole’s Notes: Great food, great event, great cause!

Another great year of food, fun, and an auction to benefit the March of Dimes. The Signature Chefs event was held Sunday, October 12 at the …


Nicole’s Notes: Move The Monarchs’ Chains… It’s Ladies Night!

  ODU’s first ever Ladies Night scored well with the participants and the staff. About 300 of us got guided tours, trivia sessions, drills a…