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Summer brain drain

Kids returning to school after a long summer vacation can lose up to three months’ worth of learning.

3D Ultrasounds

When a baby is on the way, expecting moms and dads want to know everything they can about their bundle of joy, and one way to get a unique g…

Audience: Hurrah Players

Our live audience from Hurrah Players told us about their latest production, “Broadway Sizzles.”

In the Kitchen – Pancake Lasagna

Chef Rick Gregory from Jolly Roger in Kill Devil Hills made Pancake Lasagna from their awesome Jolly Roger breakfast menu.

Warbirds Over the Beach

7th Annual World War II Airshow returns to the Military Aviation Museum this weekend.

Eating for Health

Daniel Ballin, a physical therapist with Riverside Wellness and Fitness Center told us how diet is so important to weight loss success.

A Different Approach to Health

If you or someone you know is struggling with chronic pain or illness, you may be looking for a solution to help deal with your condition.

Spring gifts and events

Ashley Hicks from Barnes & Noble TCC at MacArthur Center joined us with some great gift ideas and gave us details on special in-store events…