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An Unwelcome “Hug”

When I anchor our newscasts, on a rare occasion, my Multiple Sclerosis likes to make its presence known in subtle ways. Today it was in the …

World MS Day: Life Lessons

Today is World MS Day. This is a day that “brings the global MS Community together to share stories, raise awareness, and campaign with and …

The Power of Yes

We all get too busy to just sit and play with our kids sometimes, but what if we just try saying “yes” a little more? What if we push dinner…

Parenting: Tired With No Regrets

My co-anchor and friend, Don Roberts, told me something about parenting I will never forget. I hope you read this and remember his words as …

Dreams From Park Place

Meet Kam Chancellor: The “guy from Park Place who dared to dream…”

Rainy Day Play

When we’re stuck inside due to weather, the imaginations in my household run wild! How about you?!

Play Area Etiquette: Be My Village!

Note: This particular blog is going to make you feel some sort of way. We’re talking about indoor playground etiquette and the role parents …

A ‘Royal’ Coincidence

Happy five-year anniversary to the Duke & Duchess of Cambridge! Now I know there are some of you out there who say “WHO CARES?!” Well, I car…

The shoes of a child

Oh the stories a pair of shoes can tell. These are the shoes of a child who plays…HARD. These are the shoes of a child who loves to be outsi…

Walking together to find a cure

Sunday’s Walk MS event was a huge success thanks to all of you! Read on to check out pictures and to learn more about the event!

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