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BLOG: It’s About Time!

A soggy and cool start to the week, but lots of sun and warmer temperatures by mid-week.

BLOG: We Deserve This!

Tracking a very quiet work week ahead! No showers expected until late next weekend!

BLOG: Those Pesky ‘M’ Storms

Hurricane Maria will make the closest pass to North Carolina and Virginia this week. More wind than rain expected with this storm.

BLOG: The Topic is Tropics

Tracking TWO hurricanes in the Atlantic Basin. Maria could take a similar track to Jose by next week, but uncertainly remains.

BLOG: Update on Irma and Jose

Hurricane Irma set to make landfall somewhere along the southeastern US. Hurricane Jose doesn’t pose a threat to the US, but could swipe the…

BLOG: Do You Have a Minute?

Tracking a damp start to the holiday weekend, but a fantastic finish. Keeping an eye on Hurricane Irma as this storm could come close to the…

BLOG: Trouble In The Tropics

Tropical Storm Harvey is weakening, but the rain isn’t over. Potential Tropical Cyclone TEN will affect us on Tuesday.


Tracking a damp start to the week AND Tropical Storm Gert.

BLOG: At Least It’s Friday!

Tracking on and off showers and storms today and Saturday. Some relief from the humidity expected by Sunday.